LDA-01 Push-Pull Laboratory Syringe Pump

LDA-01 Push-Pull Laboratory Syringe Pump

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LDA-01 push-pull syringe pump is a low flow, high precision, continuous transfer of liquid syringe pump. High-resolution colour touch screen LCD for easy and quick parameter setting and multiple indicators to clearly confirm its working status.
support for a wide range of syringe options to suit the requirements of different experimental flows, with protection mechanisms and alarm mechanisms.
RS485 communication, compatible with Modbus protocol, a wide range of power input, adaptable to various occasions. It can be used in conjunction with the solenoid valve control box for continuous transmission.

 Function and Features

-- Two syringes are fitted and connected by several lines for continuous fluid transfer
- Multiple working modes to choose from
- Colour touch screen LCD for quick and easy operation
- Screen locking and silent key operation
- Clearly defined working status thanks to the keypad and indicator
- Support a variety of standard syringes, customisable syringes
- High precision control
- Syringe protection and jamming alarm
- RS485 communication, support Modbus protocol
- External signal to control start/stop and direction
- Wide range power input
- Full metal anti-static and anti-corrosion painted process housing


    • Syringe size: 10 ul-60 ml;
    • Operating modes: Injection, Extraction, Injection Extraction, Extraction Injection, Continuous mode
    • Flow rate range: 0.184nL/min-83.318mL/min
    • Display: 4.3" colour LCD displaying transmission volume, remaining fluid volume, flow rate, running direction, syringe specification; animation shows running status
    • Operation mode: touch screen + keypad
    • Stroke control accuracy: ± 0.35% (when the stroke ≥ 30% of the large stroke)
    • Linear thrust: >20kgf, thrust adjustable
    • Steps per microstep: 0.15625μm/ustep
    • Fast travel speed: 150mm/min
    • Slow traverse speed: 1μm/min
    • External control: external control 24V signal input to control start/stop, working status signal output
    • Power supply voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    • Operating environment: temperature 5-40℃, relative humidity <80%
    • Dimension: 290x205x180mm
    • Weight: 4.4 kg

    Selection of reference (flow rate= linear speed x syringe cross-sectional area)

    Syringe size Syringe ID(mm) Min. flow rate (nL/min) Max .flow rate(mL/min)
    10µl 0.485 0.184 0.027
    25µl 0.729 0.417 0.626
    50µl 1.03 0.833 0.125
    100µl 1.457 1.667 0.250
    250µl 2.304 4.169 0.625
    500µl 3.256 8.326 1.248
    1mL 4.699 17.342 2.601
    5mL 11.989 112.890 16.933
    10mL 14.427 163.169 24.754
    20mL 19.05 285.027 42.754
    30mL 21.59 366.090 54.913
    60mL 26.594 555.459 83.318

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