LAB-02 Laboratory Dual Syringe Pump

LAB-02 Laboratory Dual Syringe Pump

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Featuring a user-friendly 4.3" HD LCD touch screen display and an operational keypad, the LAB-02 dual syringe pump ensures easy operation, delivering precise and accurate fluid volumes for diverse applications. Capable of accommodating two syringes ranging from 10μL to 140mL, it offers a flow rate spanning from 0.184nL/min to 173.718mL/min.

Function and Features

  • Accommodates two syringes ranging from 10 μL to 140 mL
  • Offers five working modes
  • Features a color LCD touch screen for easy operation
  • Equipped with a keypad and indicators for clear working status
  • Provides screen lock and muted-key operation options
  • Includes a built-in database of major brand-name syringes
  • Offers syringe protection and blockage alarm features
  • Comes with a flow rate calibration function
  • Demonstrates excellent anti-electromagnetic interference performance
  • Includes built-in RS485 communication with MODBUS protocol support
  • Allows external signals to control start/stop and direction
  • Adapts to a wide range of power inputs
  • Housed in a durable full metal casing


Syringe Size 10µl-140ml
Number of Channels 2
Operation Modes Infuse only, Withdraw only, Infuse/Withdraw, Withdraw/Infuse, Continuous
Stroke Resolution 0.156μm/μstep
Pusher Travel Rate 1μm/min to 150mm/min
Accuracy ±<0.35% (when stroke > 30% of large stroke)
Linear Force >20kgf
Flow Range 0.184nL/min to 173.718mL/min
Display 4.3-inch LCD touch screen with operating keypad
Power-off Memory Stores running parameters automatically
Output RS485, USB, and 15-pin D-sub connector
Power AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Relative Humidity <80%
Dimensions 290 x 210 x 180mm
Weight 4.4kg


Flow Rate Reference 

Syringe size Syringe ID(mm) Min flow rate (nL/min) Max flow rate(mL/min)
 10µl  0.485  0.184  0.027
 25µl  0.729  0.417  0.626
 50µl  1.03  0.833  0.125
 100µl  1.457  1.667  0.250
 250µl  2.304  4.169  0.625
 500µl  3.256  8.326  1.248
 1ml  4.699  17.342  2.601
 5ml  11.989  112.890  16.933
 10ml  14.427  163.469  24.520
 20ml  19.05  285.027  42.754
 30ml  21.59  366.090  54.913
 60ml  26.594  555.459  83.318
 100mL  35.7  1000.982  150.147
 140mL  38.4  1158.117  173.718
Note: The flow rate data above is obtained from testing pure water under normal temperature and pressure and is provided for reference only. Actual usage may vary due to specific factors such as pressure, medium characteristics, etc.

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