YT25 Medium Flow Rate Pump Head

YT25 Medium Flow Rate Pump Head

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 YT25 peristaltic pump head has a flow rate range of 0.17 to 2900 ml/min and is suitable for 15#, 24#, 35# and 36# pump tubing. It is best used for transferring viscous liquids and for meeting requirements of greater suction, head or outlet pressure.


  • With an adaptive tubing-fitting system, which allows easy fitting of tubing of different sizes without manual adjustment.
  • Classic pump tubing locking mechanism, which takes only a few seconds to change the tubing, making it easy to cope with frequent tubing changes
  • Special construction to reduce wear and tear on the pump tubing and accidental ruptures caused by misuse.
  • Occlusion can be adjusted manually using the Occlusion Adjustment Knob near the top of the pump head
  • PPS special plastic housing with 4 SS rollers to ensure that the pump head can meet the demands of high-intensity use while reducing transmission pulsations
  • Stackable multiple pump heads; extending up to 10 channels.
  • A wide range of motor types such as stepper motors, servo motors, AC motors and DC motors.




  • Number of channels: 1 channel (single pump head)
  • Number of rollers: 4
  • Housing material: PPS
  • Roller material: stainless steel 304
  • Occlusion: adjustable
  • Liquid temperature: up to 200°C
  • Corrosion resistance: PPS is resistant to most acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents
  • Net weight: 620g


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YT25 flow rate vs rpm

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