DT15 Multi-channel Pump Head

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DT15 pump head series are designed for medium flow rate and multi-channel fluid transfer

  • Flow range from 0.067 to 2240 ml/min per channel, depending on drive rpm and tubing (19#, 16#, 25# and 17#).
  • Independently loadable occlusion cartridges are easy to use and provide flow consistency.  
  • Multi-roller design reduces pulsation. 
  • Rollers are made of stainless steel and the housing and cartridges are made of PPS which are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.
  • A more compact alternative to 2 or 4 YZ15 pump heads. 
  • Compatible with stepper motors, servo motors, and motors with AC reduction and DC reduction functions.


Dimension (mm)

Pump head No. of Channels No. of Rollers Max. rpm Tubing size 
DT 15-24 2 4 600 19#16#25#17#
DT 15-44 4 4 600 19#16#25#17#


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