BT300F Intelligent Dispensing Peristaltic Pump

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The BT300F Intelligent dispensing peristaltic pump is a versatile and easy-to-use device that provides a flow range from 0.006 to 1600 mL/min with variable pump heads and tubings. The pump is equipped with a colour LCD touch screen and offers four operation modes: Volume Dispense Mode, Time Dispense Mode, Copy Dispense Mode, and Flow Mode. With the RS485 MODBUS interface, the pump can easily communicate with external devices such as PC, HMI, or PLC.

Functions and Features

  • Color LCD display, touch screen and operating keypad.
  • Reversible direction, start/stop control and adjustable speed.
  • Precise motor control technology improves dispense accuracy compared to the traditional time dispense mode.
  • Anti-drip function ensures dispense accuracy.
  • Flow mode plus the following three dispense modes:
    • Time Dispense Mode: automatically dispense by setting the duration for each dose, lag time between doses, and number of cycles.
    • Volume Dispense Mode: automatically dispense by setting the volume for each dose, lag time between doses, and number of cycles.
    • Copy Dispense Mode: automatically dispense by setting the total volume need to dispense, the lag time between doses, and number of cycles.
  • Store five groups of working parameters for each dispense mode (power-off memory).
  • Flow rate display and control; cumulative dispense volume display.
  • Flow rate calibration.
  • 0.2% high precision rotating speed control with 0.1 rpm speed resolution. Professional operating system. Configure the system with the setup wizard.
  • Intelligent temperature control to minimize working noise.
  • External logic level signal can control start/stop, direction and easy dispense functions; the external analog signal can adjust the rotating speed. The signal is optically isolated.
  • With RS485 MODBUS interface.
  • Internal double-layer isolation structure, the circuit board with conformal coating make the pump dust-proof and moisture-proof.
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference feature, wide input voltage range for complex power environment.
  • Stainless steel enclosure, easy to clean, resistant to the corrosion of the acid, alkali, sodium and organic solvents.
  • Drive multi-channel and variable pump heads.
  • Optional footswitch and remote infrared control.


  • Flow range: 0.006-1600 mL/min
  • Speed range: 0.1-350 rpm
  • Speed resolution: 0.1 rpm
  • Speed accuracy: 0.2%
  • Power supply: AC110-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power consumption: <50W
  • External logic level control signal: 5V, 12V (standard), 24V (optional)
  • External analog control signal: 0-5V (standard), 0-10v, 4-20mA (optional)
  • Communication interface: RS485 MODBUS
  • Operating condition: Temperature 0-40°C; Relative humidity <80%
  • IP grade: IP31
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 292 x 160 x 183 mm 
  • Weight: 5.1 kg

Dimensions (mm)

BT300F Compatible Pump Heads and Tubing, Flow Parameters

Drive  Pump Head Tubing Size Flow Rate Per Channel*
0.1-350 rpm
(3 rollers, 1 channel)
13# (ID 0.8mm, Wall 1.6mm) 0.005-18 ml/min
14# (ID 1.6mm, Wall 1.6mm) 0.02-70 ml/min
19# (ID 2.4mm, Wall 1.6mm) 0.05-175 ml/min
16# (ID 3.2mm,  Wall 1.6mm) 0.08-280 ml/min
25# (ID 4.8mm, Wall 1.6mm) 0.19-665 ml/min
17# (ID 6.4mm,  Wall 1.6mm) 0.3-1050 ml/min
18# (ID 7.9mm, Wall 1.6mm) 0.43-1495 ml/min
(4 rollers, 1 channel)

15# (ID 4.8mm, Wall 2.4mm) 0.18-641 ml/min
24# (ID 6.4mm, Wall 2.4mm) 0.31-1085 ml/min
35# (ID 7.9mm, Wall 2.4mm) 0.39-1365 ml/min
36# (ID 9.6mm,  Wall 2.4mm) 0.50-1750 ml/min

*The above flow rate data is obtained from tests with pure water at room temperature and pressure and is for reference only. Actual flow rates may vary due to pressure, media characteristics, and other relevant factors. 

 Please klick here to download the operating manual. 

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