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The LHA-01 is a single-channel high-pressure syringe pump equipped with a high-definition LCD touchscreen for operation. It can deliver a linear thrust of >200 lbs (91 kg) within a broad flow rate range and supports five operational modes, including injection and withdrawal. It incorporates RS485 communication, supports the Modbus protocol, making it highly versatile and easy to integrate into a range of liquid transfer applications.

Functions and Features

  • 4.3" color LCD displaying transfer volume, remaining volume, flow rate, direction of operation, syringe size, and more.
  • Animated display of operating status.
  • Compatible with a wide range of syringe sizes (0.5μl to 140ml)
  • Linear speed from 1μm/min to 190mm/min for precise control over liquid transfer rates.
  • Features snap-on stainless steel syringes for high-pressure or viscous liquid transfer.
  • Ensures accurate and stable injection even for highly corrosive or viscous liquids.
  • Power-down memory function for easy resumption after a power failure.
  • Allows programming without the need for a PC.
  • Equipped with RS485 communication and supports Modbus communication protocol. 


Syringe Size 0.5μl-140ml
Flow Rate Range 3.06pl/min (0.5μl syringe) to 215ml/min (140ml syringe)
Operating Modes Injection only, extraction only, injection/extraction, extraction/injection, continuous mode
Number of Channels 1 channel
Large Stroke 140mm
Stroke Resolution 0.156μm/μstep
Linear Speed 1μm/min to 190mm/min
Control Accuracy <±0.35% (when stroke > 30% of large stroke)
Maximum Thrust 91kg (100% thrust, wide range of flow rates)
Thrust Adjustment 1 to 100% arbitrary adjustment
Syringe Selection Built-in syringe selection for major manufacturers and models; custom syringes can be used, with direct input of syringe bore
Flow Rate Calibration Calibration procedure to obtain the volume of fluid
Operating Display 4.3" colour LCD; simultaneous screen display of transfer volume, remaining volume, flow rate, direction of operation, syringe size, etc.; animated display of operating status
Operation Mode Touch screen + common function keys
Power Failure Memory Memory of parameters set before power failure
Communication Function RS485, support Modbus communication protocol
External Control External signal control start/stop, and status signal output
Applicable Power Supply AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Environment Ambient temperature 5 to 40°C, relative humidity <80%
External Dimensions 305 x 222 x 190 mm
Protection Class IP31
Weight 6.6 kg

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