The Golander peristaltic pump BQ80S is being used in laboratory research on biosensors and nanomaterials

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We appreciate clients who know precisely what they need and place direct orders without prolonged email exchanges or phone calls. Ms. DS from Latvia exemplifies this, having directly ordered 2 units of the Golander BQ80S for their research.

Given her clarity on requirements, we did not receive the typical information such as flow rate requirements, viscosity, speed specifications, or working conditions. I discovered from the laboratory website that the primary focus of their research includes:

  • development of new photonic nanomaterials for optical chemical sensors and biosensors for medical and agricultural applications;

  • investigation of photoinduced processes of new nanomaterials;

  • development of functional nanomaterials for environmental monitoring, photocatalysis and contaminant detection;

  • development of functional nanomaterials for special medical applications.

Wishing her all the success!


The BQ80S peristaltic pump, designed to be small and compact, fits easily in one hand, offering unparalleled portability without compromising functionality. In addition to fundamental features like start/stop and reversible direction, it includes adjustable speed, time dispensing mode, and an anti-drip function, catering to diverse operational needs. The pump's MODBUS RS485 interface ensures smooth communication with external devices, including PCs, HMIs, or PLCs, enhancing its versatility and compatibility in various settings.

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