Pulse Damper

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 pulse damper is a type of pressure vessel utilized to mitigate liquid pressure or flow pulsations within a pipeline. Its primary function is to stabilize fluid pressure and flow, minimize pipeline vibrations, and safeguard downstream instruments and equipment.

Specifically designed for peristaltic pumps, the pulse damper is optimized to accommodate their unique operational characteristics. If considering its use with different pump types or under varied circumstances, it's advisable to review the damper's performance parameters for proper guidance.

The body of our pulse dampers is made with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and the components directly in contact with the liquid inside the damper all meet FDA certification standards.

The ZN60 pulse damper has an internal volume of approximately 11ml and can withstand a maximum pressure of 0.18MPa at room temperature, while the ZN100 pulse damper has an internal volume of approximately 92ml and can endure a maximum pressure of 0.25MPa at room temperature. 

Pulsation before using a pulse damper 

Pulsation after using a pulse damper 

Model Pulsating frequency Internal Volume Max Pressure Flow rate
ZN60 0-2000 Hz 11 mL 0.18 mpa 0-1200 mL/min
ZN100 0-2000 Hz 92mL 0.25 mpa 500-8000mL/min

*Kindly note that once the package has been opened, returns for this product can only be accepted in the case of quality issues.  We cannot guarantee the type of liquid tested and are unable to remove any potential contamination inside the damper. Your understanding is greatly appreciated!

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