LSC-01 Modular Single Syringe Pump

LSC-01 Modular Single Syringe Pump

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The LSC-01 modular syringe pump is composed of a controller and an execution unit, featuring a compact design, high precision, and stable operation. The controller and execution unit are separate, connected by cables with quick connectors, allowing for easy assembly and compatibility with other instruments like brain stereotactic instruments. The execution unit can accommodate a syringe ranging from 0.5μL to 100μL, making it suitable for a variety of microinjection experiments. Additionally, its smaller size enhances ease of handling.

Functions and Features

  •  4.3-inch color LCD touchscreen with animated icons
  • User-friendly function keys for easy operation
  • Multiple working modes
  • Separate controller and execution unit design for easy installation
  • Screen lock and mute operation supported
  • Indicator lights for clear status display
  • Compatibility with various standard syringes, customizable
  • High-precision control
  • RS485 communication with Modbus protocol support
  • External signal control for start, stop, and direction
  • Wide-ranging power input support


Syringe Size 0.5μL to 100μL
Flow Range 0.005nL/min to 152.456μL/min
Stroke 70mm (maximum)
Thrust Adjustment 1-100%, adjustable
Operation Method Touchscreen + function keys
 Calibration Flow calibration programme available for more accuracy
Communication Interface RS485, MODBUS protocol
Operating Modes

Injection, Withdrawal, Injection/Withdrawal, Withdrawal/Injection, continuous mode

Stroke Control Accuracy <±0.35% (when stroke > 30% of the maximum stroke)
Linear Speed Range 0.6096μm/min to 91.44mm/min
Status Signal Output 1 channel indicates start-stop status, 1 channel indicates direction status
Stroke Resolution 0.1905μm/μstep
Power-off Memory Retain parameters set before power-off
Number of Channels 1
Syringe Selection Built-in major manufacturers, select from main models; use custom syringes by directly inputting syringe inner diameter
Display  4.3-inch color LCD; on-screen display of transmitted volume, remaining volume, flow rate, operating direction, syringe specifications, etc.; animated display of operating status 
Other Functions Pause and stop; key sound prompts; parameter lock; fast forward and rewind; display brightness adjustment
Applicable Power Supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Operating Environment Ambient temperature 5-40℃, relative humidity <80%
Rated Linear Thrust >1kgf (maximum)
Linear Speed Adjustment Resolution 0.6096μm/min
Control Signal Input 1 channel falling edge trigger start, 1 channel falling edge trigger stop
Controller Dimensions 245x205x105mm
Execution Unit Size 173x24x52mm
Weight 2+0.25kg (controller + execution unit)


Reference Flow Rate

Syringe Size Syringe Inner Diameter (mm) Minimum Flow Rate (nl/min) Maximum Flow (ml/min)
0.5μl 0.103 0.005 0.761
1μL 0.146 0.010 1.531
2μL 0.206 0.020 3.047
5μL 0.3257 0.051 7.618
10μL 0.485 0.112 16.893
25μL 0.729 0.254 38.166
50μL 1.03 0.507 76.190
100μl 1.457 1.016 152.456

The above flow data was obtained from a test of pure water at room temperature and pressure. Actual usage is affected by specific factors such as pressure and media characteristics, and is for reference only.


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