LSA-01 Modular Single Syringe Pump

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Functions and Features 

  • Lightweight industrial design with an injection-molded shell for enhanced anti-static properties and sleek, aesthetic lines.
  • Modular design with separate controller and execution unit for easy disassembly and integration with other instruments (e.g., stereotaxic apparatus).
  • 5-inch high-resolution color LCD touchscreen for intuitive operation and clear information display.
  • Upgraded interface that is simple, fresh, with comfortable colors and optimized layout, emphasizing user-oriented functionality.
  • Easily switch between speed and time units to accommodate various experimental needs.
  • Supports horizontal and vertical screen orientation to maximize display in limited workspaces.
  • Precise and simple flow calibration for improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • New password protection feature to prevent unauthorized parameter changes, enhancing data security.
  • Superior control system and precise mechanical structure with a travel control precision error of less than ±0.35%.
  • Strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability, ensuring continuous and stable operation in high-voltage electrostatic fields.
  • Compatible with various syringe brands and specifications, and supports custom syringes for greater flexibility.
  • Can form an automated control system with various host computers such as PCs, PLCs, and microcontrollers. 


Technical Parameters Details
Stroke  70mm (maximum)
Operation Mode Membrane keypad + touchscreen operation
Syringe Size  5μL-1mL
Working Modes Injection, Withdrawal, Injection then Withdrawal, Withdrawal then Injection, Continuous Cycle
Travel Control Accuracy Error ±0.35% (when travel > 30% of full travel)
Linear Speed Range 0.635μm/min–95.25mm/min
Execution Unit Dimensions 199.5 x 46.5 x 63.7 mm
Status Signal Output 1 channel indicating start/stop status, 1 channel indicating direction status
Stroke Resolution 0.198μm/ustep
Number of Channels 1
Applicable Power Supply AC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Environment Ambient temperature 5-40℃, Relative humidity <80%
Control Signal Input 1 channel controlling start/stop status, 1 channel controlling direction status
Display Mode 5-inch high-resolution color LCD touchscreen
Linear Thrust >4kgf, adjustable thrust
Flow Rate Range 0.058nL/min (5μL) - 1.587mL/min (1mL)
Power Consumption <30W
Protection Rating IP31
Weight 1.495kg + 0.443kg (controller + execution unit)
Driver Dimensions 240 x 196 x 125 mm

Flow Rate Reference

Syringe Specification Syringe Inner Diameter (mm) Minimum Flow Rate (nL/min) Maximum Flow Rate (mL/min)
5 µL 0.343 0.058 0.009
10 µL 0.485 0.117 0.017
25 µL 0.729 0.264 0.039
50 µL 1.03 0.529 0.079
100 µL 1.457 1.058 0.158
250 µL 2.304 2.645 0.396
500 µL 3.256 5.290 0.793
1000 µL 4.608 10.580 1.587


Note: The above flow rate data were obtained by testing with pure water at normal temperature and pressure. Actual usage may be affected by factors such as pressure and the characteristics of the medium and is provided for reference only.

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